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Deploy common-instancetypes

The kubevirt/common-instancetypes provide a set of instancetypes and preferences to help create KubeVirt VirtualMachines.

Beginning with the 1.1 release of KubeVirt, cluster wide resources can be deployed directly through KubeVirt, without another operator. This allows deployment of a set of default instancetypes and preferences along side KubeVirt.

Enable automatic deployment of common-instancetypes

To enable the deployment of cluster-wide common-instancetypes through the KubeVirt virt-operator, the CommonInstancetypesDeploymentGate feature gate needs to be enabled.

See Activating feature gates on how to enable it.

Deploy common-instancetypes manually

For customization purposes or to install namespaced resources, common-instancetypes can also be deployed by hand.

To install all resources provided by the kubevirt/common-instancetypes project without further customizations, simply apply with kustomize enabled (-k flag):

$ kubectl apply -k

Alternatively, targets for each of the available custom resource types (e.g. namespaced instancetypes) are available.

For example, to deploy VirtualMachineInstancetypes run the following command:

$ kubectl apply -k