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Reviewing the following will prepare you for contributing

For code contributors:

For all contributors:

  • You need to be comfortable with git, GitHub workflow of fork, branch, commit, open pull request, reviewing changes, and merge to work effectively in the KubeVirt community. If you're new to git very nice tutorials here.
  • Familiarize yourself with the various repositories of the KubeVirt GitHub organization.
  • Try the Deploy KubeVirt on minikube or kind quickstart lab.
  • Try the Using KubeVirt lab.
  • See the other ways to contribute section

Your first contribution

The following will help you decide where to start

  • Check a repository issues list and label good-first-issue for issues that make good entry points.
  • Open a pull request using GitHub to documentation. The tutorials found here can be helpful
  • Review a pull request from other community members for accuracy and language.

Other ways to contribute

  • Visit the KubeVirt community page, participate on Twitter or Slack, learn about local meetups and events.
  • Visit the KubeVirt website repository and submit a blog post, case study or lab.