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Feature Gate Status on Arm64

This page is based on It records the feature gate status on Arm64 platform. Here is the explanation of the status:

  • Supported: the feature gate support on Arm64 platform.
  • Not supported yet: there are some dependencies of the feature gate not support Arm64, so this feature does not support for now. We may support the dependencies in the future.
  • Not supported: The feature gate is not support on Arm64.
  • Not verified: The feature has not been verified yet.
ExpandDisksGate Not supported yet CDI is needed
CPUManager Supported use taskset to do CPU pinning, do not support kvm-hint-dedicated (this is only works on x86 platform)
NUMAFeatureGate Not supported yet Need to support Hugepage on Arm64
IgnitionGate Supported This feature is only used for CoreOS/RhCOS
LiveMigrationGate Supported Verified live migration with masquerade network
SRIOVLiveMigrationGate Not verified Need two same Machine and SRIOV device
HypervStrictCheckGate Not supported Hyperv does not work on Arm64
SidecarGate Supported  
GPUGate Not verified Need GPU device
HostDevicesGate Not verified Need GPU or sound card
SnapshotGate Supported Need snapshotter support
VMExportGate Partially supported Need snapshotter support, support exporting pvc, not support exporting DataVolumes and MemoryDump which rely on CDI
HotplugVolumesGate Not supported yet Rely on datavolume and CDI
HostDiskGate Supported  
VirtIOFSGate Supported  
MacvtapGate Not supported yet not support Arm64,
PasstGate Supported VM have same ip with pods; start a process for network /usr/bin/passt --runas 107 -e -t 8080
DownwardMetricsFeatureGate need more information It used to let guest get host information, failed on both Arm64 and x86_64.

The block is successfully attached and can see the following information:
 -blockdev {"driver":"file","filename":"/var/run/kubevirt-private/downwardapi-disks/vhostmd0","node-name":"libvirt-1-storage","cache":{"direct":true,"no-flush":false},"auto-read-only":true,"discard":"unmap"}

But unable to get information via vm-dump-metrics:

LIBMETRICS: read_mdisk(): Unable to read metrics disk
LIBMETRICS: get_virtio_metrics(): Unable to export metrics: open(/dev/virtio-ports/org.github.vhostmd.1) No such file or directory
LIBMETRICS: get_virtio_metrics(): Unable to read metrics
NonRootDeprecated Supported  
NonRoot Supported  
Root Supported  
ClusterProfiler Supported
WorkloadEncryptionSEV Not supported SEV is only available on x86_64
VSOCKGate Supported  
HotplugNetworkIfacesGate Not supported yet Need to setup multus-cni and multus-dynamic-networks-controller:
cat ./deployments/multus-daemonset-thick.yml \| kubectl apply -f -
kubectl apply -f manifests/dynamic-networks-controller.yaml

Currently, the image does not support Arm64 server. For more information please refer to
CommonInstancetypesDeploymentGate Not supported yet Support of common-instancetypes instancetypes needs to be tested, common-instancetypes preferences for ARM workloads are still missing