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Virtual Machines on Arm64

This page summaries all unsupported Virtual Machines configurations and different default setups on Arm64 platform.

Virtual hardware

Machine Type

Currently, we only support one machine type, virt, which is set by default.


On Arm64 platform, we only support UEFI boot which is set by default. UEFI secure boot is not supported.



Currently, Node-labeller is partially supported on Arm64 platform. It does not yet support parsing virsh_domcapabilities.xml and capabilities.xml, and extracting related information such as CPU features.


host-passthrough is the only model that supported on Arm64. The CPU model is set by default on Arm64 platform.


kvm and hyperv timers are not supported on Arm64 platform.

Video and Graphics Device

We do not support vga devices but use virtio-gpu by default.


Hugepages are not supported on Arm64 platform.

Resources Requests and Limits

CPU pinning is supported on Arm64 platform.


As Hugepages are a precondition of the NUMA feature, and Hugepages are not enabled on the Arm64 platform, the NUMA feature does not work on Arm64.

Disks and Volumes

Arm64 only supports virtio and scsi disk bus types.

Interface and Networks


We do not support macvlan network because the project does not support Arm64.


This class of devices is not verified on the Arm64 platform.

Liveness and Readiness Probes

Watchdog device is not supported on Arm64 platform.