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Arm64 Operations

This page summarizes all operations that are not supported on Arm64.

Hotplug Network Interfaces

Hotplug Network Interfaces are not supported on Arm64, because the image does not support for the Arm64 platform. For more information please refer to

Hotplug Volumes

Hotplug Volumes are not supported on Arm64, because the Containerized Data Importer is not supported on Arm64 for now.

Hugepages support

Hugepages feature is not supported on Arm64. The hugepage mechanism differs between X86_64 and Arm64. Now we only verify KubeVirt on 4k pagesize systems.

Containerized Data Importer

For now, we have not supported this project on Arm64, but it is in our plan.

Export API

Export API is partially supported on the Arm64 platform. As CDI is not supported yet, the export of DataVolumes and MemoryDump are not supported on Arm64.

Virtual machine memory dump

As explained above, MemoryDump requires CDI, and is not yet supported on Arm64.

Mediated devices and virtual GPUs

This is not verified on Arm64 platform.