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Device Status on Arm64

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Devices Description Status on Arm64
DisableHotplug   supported
Disks sata/ virtio bus support virtio bus
Watchdog i6300esb not supported
UseVirtioTransitional virtio-transitional supported
Interfaces e1000/ virtio-net-device support virtio-net-device
Inputs tablet virtio/usb bus supported
AutoattachPodInterface connect to /net/tun ( supported
AutoattachGraphicsDevice create a virtio-gpu device / vga device support virtio-gpu
AutoattachMemBalloon virtio-balloon-pci-non-transitional supported
AutoattachInputDevice auto add tablet supported
Rng virtio-rng-pci-non-transitional host:/dev/urandom supported
BlockMultiQueue "driver":"virtio-blk-pci-non-transitional","num-queues":$cpu_number supported
NetworkInterfaceMultiQueue -netdev tap,fds=21:23:24:25,vhost=on,vhostfds=26:27:28:29,id=hostua-default#fd number equals to queue number supported
GPUs   not verified
Filesystems virtiofs, vhost-user-fs-pci, need to enable featuregate: ExperimentalVirtiofsSupport supported
ClientPassthrough x86_64, iommu need to be enabled not verified
Sound ich9/ ac97 not supported
TPM tpm-tis-device supported
Sriov vfio-pci not verified