KubeVirt v0.54.0


Released on: Wed Jun 8 14:15:43 2022 +0000

  • [PR #7757][orenc1] new alert for excessive number of VMI migrations in a period of time.
  • [PR #7517][ShellyKa13] Add virtctl Memory Dump command
  • [PR #7801][VirrageS] Empty (nil values) of Address and Driver fields in XML will be omitted.
  • [PR #7475][raspbeep] Adds the reason of a live-migration failure to a recorded event in case EvictionStrategy is set but live-migration is blocked due to its limitations.
  • [PR #7739][fossedihelm] Allow virtualmachines/migrate subresource to admin/edit users
  • [PR #7618][lyarwood] The requirement to define a Disk or Filesystem for each Volume associated with a VirtualMachine has been removed. Any Volumes without a Disk or Filesystem defined will have a Disk defined within the VirtualMachineInstance at runtime.
  • [PR #7529][xpivarc] NoReadyVirtController and NoReadyVirtOperator should be properly fired.
  • [PR #7465][machadovilaca] Add metrics for migrations and respective phases
  • [PR #7592][akalenyu] BugFix: virtctl guestfs incorrectly assumes image name