Our KubeVirt Intro Video

A brief conceptual introduction to the KubeVirt project.

Want to see more?

Check out our YouTube playlists for a range of videos that are updated regularly:

  • Talks: Folks from the KubeVirt Community are regularly talking at conferences and meetups throughout the year.
  • Demos: Technical demos contributed by the community or taken from talks.
  • Interviews: Media interviews with folks from the KubeVirt Community.
  • KubeVirt Summit: The annual KubeVirt Summit videos, where the broader KubeVirt ecosystem meets to showcase technical architecture, new features, proposed changes, and in-depth tutorials.
  • Community Meetings: The KubeVirt Community and our SIGs meet weekly and bi-weekly. These sessions are recorded and invite anyone from the community to join in. You can find the full schedule of these meetings on the KubeVirt calendar.