KubeVirt v0.53.0


Released on: Mon May 9 14:02:20 2022 +0000

  • [PR #7533][akalenyu] Add several VM snapshot metrics
  • [PR #7574][rmohr] Pull in cdi dependencies with minimized transitive dependencies to ease API adoption
  • [PR #7318][iholder-redhat] Snapshot restores now support restoring to a target VM different than the source
  • [PR #7474][borod108] Added the following metrics for live migration: kubevirt_migrate_vmi_data_processed_bytes, kubevirt_migrate_vmi_data_remaining_bytes, kubevirt_migrate_vmi_dirty_memory_rate_bytes
  • [PR #7441][rmohr] Add virtctl scp to ease copying files from and to VMs and VMIs
  • [PR #7265][rthallisey] Support steady-state job types in the load-generator tool
  • [PR #7544][fossedihelm] Upgraded go version to 1.17.8
  • [PR #7582][acardace] Fix failed reported migrations when actually they were successful.
  • [PR #7546][0xFelix] Update virtio-container-disk to virtio-win version 0.1.217-1
  • [PR #7530][iholder-redhat] [External Kernel Boot]: Disallow kernel args without providing custom kernel
  • [PR #7493][davidvossel] Adds new EvictionStrategy “External” for blocking eviction which is handled by an external controller
  • [PR #7563][akalenyu] Switch VolumeSnapshot to v1
  • [PR #7406][acardace] Reject LiveMigrate as a workload-update strategy if the LiveMigration feature gate is not enabled.
  • [PR #7103][jean-edouard] Non-persistent vTPM now supported. Keep in mind that the state of the TPM is wiped after each shutdown. Do not enable Bitlocker!
  • [PR #7277][andreabolognani] This version of KubeVirt includes upgraded virtualization technology based on libvirt 8.0.0 and QEMU 6.2.0.
  • [PR #7130][Barakmor1] Add field to kubevirtCR to set Prometheus ServiceMonitor object’s namespace
  • [PR #7401][iholder-redhat] virt-api deployment is now scalable - replicas are determined by the number of nodes in the cluster
  • [PR #7500][awels] BugFix: Fixed RBAC for admin/edit user to allow virtualmachine/addvolume and removevolume. This allows for persistent disks
  • [PR #7328][apoorvajagtap] Don’t ignore –identity-file when setting –local-ssh=true on virtctl ssh
  • [PR #7469][xpivarc] Users can now enable the NonRoot feature gate instead of NonRootExperimental
  • [PR #7451][fossedihelm] Reduce virt-launcher memory usage by splitting monitoring and launcher processes