KubeVirt v0.52.0


Released on: Fri Apr 8 16:17:56 2022 +0000

  • [PR #7024][fossedihelm] Add an warning message if the client and server virtctl versions are not aligned
  • [PR #7486][rmohr] Move stable.txt location to a more appropriate path
  • [PR #7372][saschagrunert] Fixed KubeVirtComponentExceedsRequestedMemory alert complaining about many-to-many matching not allowed.
  • [PR #7426][iholder-redhat] Add warning for manually determining core-component replica count in Kubevirt CR
  • [PR #7424][maiqueb] Provide interface binding types descriptions, which will be featured in the KubeVirt API.
  • [PR #7422][orelmisan] Fixed setting custom guest pciAddress and bootOrder parameter(s) to a list of SR-IOV NICs.
  • [PR #7421][rmohr] Fix knowhosts file corruption for virtctl ssh
  • [PR #6854][rmohr] Make virtctl ssh work with ssh-rsa+ preauthentication
  • [PR #7267][iholder-redhat] Applied migration configurations can now be found in VMI’s status
  • [PR #7321][iholder-redhat] [Migration Policies]: precedence to VMI labels over Namespace labels
  • [PR #7326][oshoval] The Ginkgo dependency has been upgraded to v2.1.3 (major version upgrade)
  • [PR #7361][SeanKnight] Fixed a bug that prevents virtctl from working with clusters accessed via Rancher authentication proxy, or any other cluster where the server URL contains a path component. (#3760)
  • [PR #7255][tyleraharrison] Users are now able to specify --address [ip_address] when using virtctl vnc rather than only using
  • [PR #7275][enp0s3] Add observedGeneration to virt-operator to have a race-free way to detect KubeVirt config rollouts
  • [PR #7233][xpivarc] Bug fix: Successfully aborted migrations should be reported now
  • [PR #7158][AlonaKaplan] Add masquerade VMs support to single stack IPv6.
  • [PR #7227][rmohr] Remove VMI informer from virt-api to improve scaling characteristics of virt-api
  • [PR #7288][raspbeep] Users now don’t need to specify container for kubectl logs <vmi-pod> and kubectl exec <vmi-pod>.
  • [PR #6709][xpivarc] Workloads will be migrated to nonroot implementation if NonRoot feature gate is set. (Except VirtioFS)
  • [PR #7241][lyarwood] Fixed a bug that prevents only a unattend.xml configmap or secret being provided as contents for a sysprep disk. (#7240, @lyarwood)