KubeVirt v0.51.0


Released on: Tue Mar 8 21:06:59 2022 +0000

  • [PR #7102][machadovilaca] Add Virtual Machine name label to virt-launcher pod
  • [PR #7139][davidvossel] Fixes inconsistent VirtualMachinePool VM/VMI updates by using controller revisions
  • [PR #6754][jean-edouard] New and resized disks are now always 1MiB-aligned
  • [PR #7086][acardace] Add ‘EvictionStrategy’ as a cluster-wide setting in the KubeVirt CR
  • [PR #7232][rmohr] Properly format the PDB scale event during migrations
  • [PR #7223][Barakmor1] Add a name label to virt-operator pods
  • [PR #7221][davidvossel] RunStrategy: Once - allows declaring a VM should run once to a finalized state
  • [PR #7091][EdDev] SR-IOV interfaces are now reported in the VMI status even without an active guest-agent.
  • [PR #7169][rmohr] Improve device plugin de-registration in virt-handler and some test stabilizations
  • [PR #6604][alicefr] Add shareable option to identify if the disk is shared with other VMs
  • [PR #7144][davidvossel] Garbage collect finalized migration objects only leaving the most recent 5 objects
  • [PR #6110][xpivarc] [Nonroot] SRIOV is now available.