KubeVirt v0.50.0


Released on: Wed Feb 9 18:01:08 2022 +0000

  • [PR #7056][fossedihelm] Update k8s dependencies to 0.23.1
  • [PR #7135][davidvossel] Switch from reflects.DeepEquals to equality.Semantic.DeepEquals() across the entire project
  • [PR #7052][sradco] Updated recording rule “kubevirt_vm_container_free_memory_bytes”
  • [PR #7000][iholder-redhat] Adds a possibility to override default libvirt log filters though VMI annotations
  • [PR #7064][davidvossel] Fixes issue associated with blocked uninstalls when VMIs exist during removal
  • [PR #7097][iholder-redhat] [Bug fix] VMI with kernel boot stuck on “Terminating” status if more disks are defined
  • [PR #6700][VirrageS] Simplify replacing time.Ticker in agent poller and fix default values for qemu-*-interval flags
  • [PR #6581][ormergi] SRIOV network interfaces are now hot-plugged when disconnected manually or due to aborted migrations.
  • [PR #6924][EdDev] Support for legacy GPU definition is removed. Please see https://kubevirt.io/user-guide/virtual_machines/host-devices on how to define host-devices.
  • [PR #6735][uril] The command migrate_cancel was added to virtctl. It cancels an active VM migration.
  • [PR #6883][rthallisey] Add instance-type to cloud-init metadata
  • [PR #6999][maya-r] When expanding disk images, take the minimum between the request and the capacity - avoid using the full underlying file system on storage like NFS, local.
  • [PR #6946][vladikr] Numa information of an assigned device will be presented in the devices metadata
  • [PR #6042][iholder-redhat] Fully support cgroups v2, include a new cohesive package and perform major refactoring.
  • [PR #6968][vladikr] Added Writeback disk cache support
  • [PR #6995][sradco] Alert OrphanedVirtualMachineImages name was changed to OrphanedVirtualMachineInstances.
  • [PR #6923][rhrazdil] Fix issue with ssh being unreachable on VMIs with Istio proxy
  • [PR #6821][jean-edouard] Migrating VMIs that contain dedicated CPUs will now have properly dedicated CPUs on target
  • [PR #6793][oshoval] Add infoSource field to vmi.status.interfaces.