KubeVirt v0.49.0


Released on: Tue Jan 11 17:27:09 2022 +0000

  • [PR #7004][iholder-redhat] Bugfix: Avoid setting block migration for volumes used by read-only disks
  • [PR #6959][enp0s3] generate event when target pod enters unschedulable phase
  • [PR #6888][assafad] Added common labels into alert definitions
  • [PR #6166][vasiliy-ul] Experimental support of AMD SEV
  • [PR #6980][vasiliy-ul] Updated the dependencies to include the fix for CVE-2021-43565 (KubeVirt is not affected)
  • [PR #6944][iholder-redhat] Remove disabling TLS configuration from Live Migration Policies
  • [PR #6800][jean-edouard] CPU pinning doesn’t require hardware-assisted virtualization anymore
  • [PR #6501][ShellyKa13] Use virtctl image-upload to upload archive content
  • [PR #6918][iholder-redhat] Bug fix: Unscheduable host-model VMI alert is now properly triggered
  • [PR #6796][Barakmor1] ‘kubevirt-operator’ changed to ‘virt-operator’ on ‘managed-by’ label in kubevirt’s components made by virt-operator
  • [PR #6036][jean-edouard] Migrations can now be done over a dedicated multus network
  • [PR #6933][erkanerol] Add a new lane for monitoring tests
  • [PR #6949][jean-edouard] KubeVirt components should now be successfully removed on CR deletion, even when using only 1 replica for virt-api and virt-controller
  • [PR #6954][maiqueb] Update the virtctl exposed services IPFamilyPolicyType default to IPFamilyPolicyPreferDualStack
  • [PR #6931][fossedihelm] added DryRun to AddVolumeOptions and RemoveVolumeOptions
  • [PR #6379][nunnatsa] Fix issue https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1945593
  • [PR #6399][iholder-redhat] Introduce live migration policies that allow system-admins to have fine-grained control over migration configuration for different sets of VMs.
  • [PR #6880][iholder-redhat] Add full Podman support for make and make test
  • [PR #6702][acardace] implement virt-handler canary upgrade and rollback for faster and safer rollouts
  • [PR #6717][davidvossel] Introducing the VirtualMachinePools feature for managing stateful VMs at scale
  • [PR #6698][rthallisey] Add tracing to the virt-controller work queue
  • [PR #6762][fossedihelm] added DryRun mode to virtcl to migrate command
  • [PR #6891][rmohr] Fix “Make raw terminal failed: The handle is invalid?” issue with “virtctl console” when not executed in a pty
  • [PR #6783][rmohr] Skip SSH RSA auth if no RSA key was explicitly provided and not key exists at the default location