KubeVirt v0.46.0


Released on: Fri Oct 8 21:12:33 2021 +0000

  • [PR #6425][awels] Hotplug disks are possible when iothreads are enabled.
  • [PR #6297][acardace] mutate migration PDBs instead of creating an additional one for the duration of the migration.
  • [PR #6464][awels] BugFix: Fixed hotplug race between kubelet and virt-handler when virt-launcher dies unexpectedly.
  • [PR #6465][salanki] Fix corrupted DHCP Gateway Option from local DHCP server, leading to rejected IP configuration on Windows VMs.
  • [PR #6458][vladikr] Tagged SR-IOV interfaces will now appear in the config drive metadata
  • [PR #6446][brybacki] Access mode for virtctl image upload is now optional. This version of virtctl now requires CDI v1.34 or greater
  • [PR #6391][zcahana] Cleanup obsolete permissions from virt-operator’s ClusterRole
  • [PR #6419][rthallisey] Fix virt-controller panic caused by lots of deleted VMI events
  • [PR #5972][kwiesmueller] Add a ssh command to virtctl that can be used to open SSH sessions to VMs/VMIs.
  • [PR #6403][jrife] Removed go module pinning to an old version (v0.3.0) of github.com/go-kit/kit
  • [PR #6367][brybacki] virtctl imageupload now uses DataVolume.spec.storage
  • [PR #6198][iholder-redhat] Fire a Prometheus alert when a lot of REST failures are detected in virt-api
  • [PR #6211][davidvossel] cluster-profiler pprof gathering tool and corresponding “ClusterProfiler” feature gate
  • [PR #6323][vladikr] switch live migration to use unix sockets
  • [PR #6374][vladikr] Fix the default setting of CPU requests on vmipods
  • [PR #6283][rthallisey] Record the time it takes to delete a VMI and expose it as a metric
  • [PR #6251][rmohr] Better place vcpu threads on host cpus to form more efficient passthrough architectures
  • [PR #6377][rmohr] Don’t fail on failed selinux relabel attempts if selinux is permissive
  • [PR #6308][awels] BugFix: hotplug was broken when using it with a hostpath volume that was on a separate device.
  • [PR #6186][davidvossel] Add resource and verb labels to rest_client_requests_total metric