KubeVirt v0.45.0


Released on: Wed Sep 8 13:56:47 2021 +0000

  • [PR #6191][marceloamaral] Addition of perfscale-load-generator to perform stress tests to evaluate the control plane
  • [PR #6248][VirrageS] Reduced logging in hot paths
  • [PR #6079][weihanglo] Hotplug volume can be unplugged at anytime and reattached after a VM restart.
  • [PR #6101][rmohr] Make k8s client rate limits configurable
  • [PR #6204][sradco] This PR adds to each alert the runbook url that points to a runbook that provides additional details on each alert and how to mitigate it.
  • [PR #5974][vladikr] a list of desired mdev types can now be provided in KubeVirt CR to kubevirt to configure these devices on relevant nodes
  • [PR #6147][rmohr] Fix rbac permissions for freeze/unfreeze, addvolume/removevolume, guestosinfo, filesystemlist and userlist
  • [PR #6161][ashleyschuett] Remove HostDevice validation on VMI creation
  • [PR #6078][zcahana] Report ErrImagePull/ImagePullBackOff VM status when image pull errors occur
  • [PR #6176][kwiesmueller] Fix goroutine leak in virt-handler, potentially causing issues with a high turnover of VMIs.
  • [PR #6047][ShellyKa13] Add phases to the vm snapshot api, specifically a failure phase
  • [PR #6138][ansijain] NA