KubeVirt v0.42.0


Released on: Tue Jun 8 12:09:49 2021 +0000

  • [PR #5738][rmohr] Stop releasing jinja2 templates of our operator. Kustomize is the preferred way for customizations.
  • [PR #5691][ashleyschuett] Allow multiple shutdown events to ensure the event is received by ACPI
  • [PR #5558][ormergi] Drop virt-launcher SYS_RESOURCE capability
  • [PR #5694][davidvossel] Fixes null pointer dereference in migration controller
  • [PR #5416][iholder-redhat] [feature] support booting VMs from a custom kernel/initrd images with custom kernel arguments
  • [PR #5495][iholder-redhat] Go version updated to version 1.16.1.
  • [PR #5502][rmohr] Add downwardMetrics volume to expose a limited set of hots metrics to guests
  • [PR #5601][maya-r] Update libvirt-go to 7.3.0
  • [PR #5661][davidvossel] Validation/Mutation webhooks now explicitly define a 10 second timeout period
  • [PR #5652][rmohr] Automatically discover kube-prometheus installations and configure kubevirt monitoring
  • [PR #5631][davidvossel] Expand backport policy to include logging and debug fixes
  • [PR #5528][zcahana] Introduced a “status.printableStatus” field in the VirtualMachine CRD. This field is now displayed in the tabular output of “kubectl get vm”.
  • [PR #5200][rhrazdil] Add support for Istio proxy traffic routing with masquerade interface. nftables is required for this feature.
  • [PR #5560][oshoval] virt-launcher now populates domain’s guestOS info and interfaces status according guest agent also when doing periodic resyncs.
  • [PR #5514][rhrazdil] Fix live-migration failing when VM with masquarade iface has explicitly specified any of these ports: 22222, 49152, 49153
  • [PR #5583][dhiller] Reenable coverage
  • [PR #5129][davidvossel] Gracefully shutdown virt-api connections and ensure zero exit code under normal shutdown conditions
  • [PR #5582][dhiller] Fix flaky unit tests
  • [PR #5600][davidvossel] Improved logging around VM/VMI shutdown and restart
  • [PR #5564][omeryahud] virtctl rename support is dropped
  • [PR #5585][iholder-redhat] [bugfix] - reject VM defined with volume with no matching disk
  • [PR #5595][zcahana] Fixes adoption of orphan DataVolumes
  • [PR #5566][davidvossel] Release branches are now cut on the first business day of the month rather than the first day.
  • [PR #5108][Omar007] Fixes handling of /proc//mountpoint by working on the device information instead of mount information
  • [PR #5250][mlsorensen] Controller health checks will no longer actively test connectivity to the Kubernetes API. They will rely in health of their watches to determine if they have API connectivity.
  • [PR #5563][ashleyschuett] Set KubeVirt resources flags in the KubeVirt CR
  • [PR #5328][andreabolognani] This version of KubeVirt includes upgraded virtualization technology based on libvirt 7.0.0 and QEMU 5.2.0.