KubeVirt v0.40.0


Released on: Mon Apr 19 12:25:41 2021 +0000

  • [PR #5467][rmohr] Fixes upgrades from KubeVirt v0.36
  • [PR #5350][jean-edouard] Removal of entire permittedHostDevices section will now remove all user-defined host device plugins.
  • [PR #5242][jean-edouard] Creating more than 1 migration at the same time for a given VMI will now fail
  • [PR #4907][vasiliy-ul] Initial cgroupv2 support
  • [PR #5324][jean-edouard] Default feature gates can now be defined in the provider configuration.
  • [PR #5006][alicefr] Add discard=unmap option
  • [PR #5022][davidvossel] Fixes race condition between operator adding service and webhooks that can result in installs/uninstalls failing
  • [PR #5310][ashleyschuett] Reconcile CRD resources
  • [PR #5102][iholder-redhat] Go version updated to 1.14.14
  • [PR #4746][ashleyschuett] Reconcile Deployments, DaemonSets, MutatingWebhookConfigurations and ValidatingWebhookConfigurations
  • [PR #5037][ormergi] Hot-plug SR-IOV VF interfaces to VM’s post a successful migration.
  • [PR #5269][mlsorensen] Prometheus metrics scraped from virt-handler are now served from the VMI informer cache, rather than calling back to the Kubernetes API for VMI information.
  • [PR #5138][davidvossel] virt-handler now waits up to 5 minutes for all migrations on the node to complete before shutting down.
  • [PR #5191][yuvalturg] Added a metric for monitoring CPU affinity
  • [PR #5215][xphyr] Enable detection of Intel GVT-g vGPU.
  • [PR #4760][rmohr] Make virt-handler heartbeat more efficient and robust: Only one combined PATCH and no need to detect different cluster types anymore.
  • [PR #5091][iholder-redhat] QEMU SeaBios debug logs are being seen as part of virt-launcher log.
  • [PR #5221][rmohr] Remove workload placement validation webhook which blocks placement updates when VMIs are running
  • [PR #5128][yuvalturg] Modified memory related metrics by adding several new metrics and splitting the swap traffic bytes metric
  • [PR #5084][ashleyschuett] Add validation to CustomizeComponents object on the KubeVirt resource
  • [PR #5182][davidvossel] New [release-blocker] functional test marker to signify tests that can never be disabled before making a release
  • [PR #5137][davidvossel] Added our policy around release branch backporting in docs/release-branch-backporting.md
  • [PR #5096][yuvalturg] Modified networking metrics by adding new metrics, splitting existing ones by rx/tx and using the device alias for the interface name when available
  • [PR #5088][awels] Hotplug works with hostpath storage.
  • [PR #4908][dhiller] Move travis tag and master builds to kubevirt prow.
  • [PR #4741][EdDev] Allow live migration for SR-IOV VM/s without preserving the VF interfaces.