KubeVirt v0.39.0


Released on: Wed Mar 10 14:51:58 2021 +0000

  • [PR #5010][jean-edouard] Migrated VMs stay persistent and can therefore survive S3, among other things.
  • [PR #4952][ashleyschuett] Create warning NodeUnresponsive event if a node is running a VMI pod but not a virt-handler pod
  • [PR #4686][davidvossel] Automated workload updates via new KubeVirt WorkloadUpdateStrategy API
  • [PR #4886][awels] Hotplug support for WFFC datavolumes.
  • [PR #5026][AlonaKaplan] virt-launcher, masquerade binding - prefer nft over iptables.
  • [PR #4921][borod108] Added support for Sysprep in the API. A user can now add a answer file through a ConfigMap or a Secret. The User Guide is updated accordingly. /kind feature
  • [PR #4874][ormergi] Add new feature-gate SRIOVLiveMigration,
  • [PR #4917][iholder-redhat] Now it is possible to enable QEMU SeaBios debug logs setting virt-launcher log verbosity to be greater than 5.
  • [PR #4966][arnongilboa] Solve virtctl “Error when closing file … file already closed” that shows after successful image upload
  • [PR #4489][salanki] Fix a bug where a disk.img file was created on filesystems mounted via Virtio-FS
  • [PR #4982][xpivarc] Fixing handling of transient domain
  • [PR #4984][ashleyschuett] Change customizeComponents.patches such that ‘*’ resourceName or resourceType matches all, all fields of a patch (type, patch, resourceName, resourceType) are now required.
  • [PR #4972][vladikr] allow disabling pvspinlock to support older guest kernels
  • [PR #4927][yuhaohaoyu] Fix of XML and JSON marshalling/unmarshalling for user defined device alias names which can make migrations fail.
  • [PR #4552][rthallisey] VMs using bridged networking will survive a kubelet restart by having kubevirt create a dummy interface on the virt-launcher pods, so that some Kubernetes CNIs, that have implemented the CHECK RPC call, will not cause VMI pods to enter a failed state.
  • [PR #4883][iholder-redhat] Bug fixed: Enabling libvirt debug logs only if debugLogs label value is “true”, disabling otherwise.
  • [PR #4840][alicefr] Generate k8s events on IO errors
  • [PR #4940][vladikr] permittedHostDevices will support both upper and lowercase letters in the device ID