KubeVirt v0.38.0


Released on: Mon Feb 8 13:15:32 2021 +0000

  • [PR #4870][qinqon] Bump k8s deps to 0.20.2
  • [PR #4571][yuvalturg] Added os, workflow and flavor labels to the kubevirt_vmi_phase_count metric
  • [PR #4659][salanki] Fixed an issue where non-root users inside a guest could not write to a Virtio-FS mount.
  • [PR #4844][xpivarc] Fixed limits/requests to accept int again
  • [PR #4850][rmohr] virtio-scsi now respects the useTransitionalVirtio flag instead of assigning a virtio version depending on the machine layout
  • [PR #4672][vladikr] allow increasing logging verbosity of infra components in KubeVirt CR
  • [PR #4838][rmohr] Fix an issue where it may not be able to update the KubeVirt CR after creation for up to minutes due to certificate propagation delays
  • [PR #4806][rmohr] Make the mutating webhooks for VMIs and VMs required to avoid letting entities into the cluster which are not properly defaulted
  • [PR #4779][brybacki] Error messsge on virtctl image-upload to WaitForFirstConsumer DV
  • [PR #4749][davidvossel] KUBEVIRT_CLIENT_GO_SCHEME_REGISTRATION_VERSION env var for specifying exactly what client-go scheme version is registered
  • [PR #4772][jean-edouard] Faster VMI phase transitions thanks to an increased number of VMI watch threads in virt-controller
  • [PR #4730][rmohr] Add spec.domain.devices.useVirtioTransitional boolean to support virtio-transitional for old guests