KubeVirt v0.37.0


Released on: Mon Jan 18 17:57:03 2021 +0000

  • [PR #4654][AlonaKaplan] Introduce virt-launcher DHCPv6 server.
  • [PR #4669][kwiesmueller] Add nodeSelector to kubevirt components restricting them to run on linux nodes only.
  • [PR #4648][davidvossel] Update libvirt base container to be based of packages in rhel-av 8.3
  • [PR #4653][qinqon] Allow configure cloud-init with networkData only.
  • [PR #4644][ashleyschuett] Operator validation webhook will deny updates to the workloads object of the KubeVirt CR if there are running VMIs
  • [PR #3349][davidvossel] KubeVirt v1 GA api
  • [PR #4645][maiqueb] Re-introduce the CAP_NET_ADMIN, to allow migration of VMs already having it.
  • [PR #4546][yuhaohaoyu] Failure detection and handling for VM with EFI Insecure Boot in KubeVirt environments where EFI Insecure Boot is not supported by design.
  • [PR #4625][awels] virtctl upload now shows error when specifying access mode of ReadOnlyMany
  • [PR #4396][xpivarc] KubeVirt is now explainable!
  • [PR #4517][danielBelenky] Fix guest agent reporting.