The KubeVirt Summit 2021 is a wrap!

Just a few weeks ago, the KubeVirt community had their first ever dedicated online event, the KubeVirt Summit!

We are very happy to have had this opportunity to meet so many community members, hear from users, vendors and contributors, and learn so many things about KubeVirt.

If you missed the event, or if you were there and want to remember the great time we had, the session recordings are available in the KubeVirt YouTube channel.

The landing page about the KubeVirt Summit contains a detailed list of all the sessions, with information about the contents, presenters, and direct links to each session recording and slides (where available).


We would like to thank everyone who contributed to make this event happen: all the presenters / session leads, everyone who proposed a session, the various community members who contributed to the organization, all the attendees, and the Container-native Computing Foundation who sponsored the event.

I want more

We are just wrapping up this first edition. Based on this experience, we really hope to have more community events of this type in the future, but it is still a bit early to say when/where how.

For now, please keep the conversations going through the various community channels: