KubeVirt Summit

The second online KubeVirt Summit is coming on Feburary 16-17!

The KubeVirt Summit is a 2-day virtual event to discover, discuss, hack and learn about managing virtual machines in Kubernetes using KubeVirt.


The event will take place online during two half-days (5 hours each day):

  • Dates: February 16 and 17, 2022
  • Time: 14:00 – 19:00 UTC (09:00–14:00 EST, 15:00–20:00 CET)


KubeVirt Summit is hosted on Community.CNCF.io. Because of how that platform works, you need to register for each of the two days of the summit independantly:

You will need to create an account with CNCF.io if you have not before. Attendance is free.


DAY 1 Wednesday, February 16

Time (UTC) Time (EST) Session Speaker Track
14:00 9:00 Keynote/Intro Fabian Deutch General
14:25 9:25 “KubeVirt on Arm64 (Progress, Troubles and Plans)” Howard Zhang Contributors
15:00 10:00 EdgeStack and Singulus: Complete VM network implementation with KubeVirt CNI Sangho Shin, Jian Li Users
15:30 10:30 Live Migration Policies - fine tuning migrations dynamically (50min) Itamar Holder Users
16:35 11:35 KubeVirt+Harverster: a Windows user tale Nuno do Carmo Users
17:10 12:10 Kubernetes clusters on KubeVirt VMs David Vossel, Alex Gradouski, Cheng Cheng Users
17:45 12:45 Network interface hotplug for KubeVirt Miguel Duarte Barroso Contributors
18:20 13:20 A few bugs and findings from VMI Churn at NVIDIA Fan Zhang Contributors

DAY 2 Thursday, February 17

Time (UTC) Time (EST) Session Speaker Track
14:00 9:00 KubeVirt Scale and Performance with SIG-Scale Ryan Hallisey, Marcelo Amaral Users
14:35 9:35 Benchmarking the performance of CPU pinning using different virtual CPU topologies: a KVM vs. KubeVirt analysis Guoqing Li, Marcelo Amaral Contributors
15:10 10:10 Delivering High-Performance VNF Workloads in KubeVirt: Navigating Network Acceleration for Low Latency Requirements Pooja Ghumre, Ashutosh Tiwari Contributors
15:45 10:45 Extending Kube-Burner to Support CRDs KubeVirt: An Open Source Benchmark Suite for Kubernetes Control Plane Analysis Marcelo Amaral Contributors
16:20 11:20 Automatic configuration of mediated devices / vGPUs in KubeVirt Vladik Romanovsky Users
16:55 11:55 Volume Populator Support Michael Henriksen Users
17:30 12:30 KubeVirt Performance Visualization at Nvidia Qian Xiao Users
18:05 13:05 Closing Session Fabian Deutch General


The KubeVirt Summit is sponsored by the CNCF