KubeVirt Summit

The KubeVirt community held its first ever dedicated online event about all things KubeVirt. The KubeVirt Summit is a 2-day virtual event to discover, discuss, hack and learn about managing virtual machines in Kubernetes using KubeVirt.

Everyone with an interest in KubeVirt is welcome to join, users and contributors alike.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the event!


The event took place online during two half-days (5 hours each day):

  • Dates: February 9 and 10, 2021.
  • Time: 14:00 – 19:00 UTC (09:00–14:00 EST, 15:00–20:00 CET)


The KubeVirt Summit consisted of two virtual events:

Recordings and follow-ups

We are currently working to process all the information after the event. More information will be added as soon as it is available.



The times below are all in UTC.

This is the session schedule:

Date Time Session Title
9/Feb 14:00 Welcome to the KubeVirt Summit!
  14:30 Automated migration of VMs from VMware or OpenStack to KubeVirt
  15:00 How to avoid merging broken code with automated testing using prow
  15:30 Building great VMs with common templates
  16:00 Automating KubeVirt with Tekton Pipelines
  16:30 KubeVirt Data Protection and Forensics Forum
  17:00 Zero Downtime KubeVirt Updates
  17:30 Introducing Volume Hotplug in KubeVirt
  18:00 Accelerating VNF and CNF with PCI passthrough and KubeVirt
  18:30 Harvester: an Open Source HCI solution built on Kubernetes and KubeVirt
10/Feb 14:00 KubeVirt Live Migration and SRIOV
  14:30 Moving oVirt and VMware VMs to KubeVirt with VM Import Operator and Forklift
  15:00 KubeVirt opinionated deployment via Hyperconverged Cluster Operator
  15:30 Privilege dropping, one capability at a time
  16:00 Introducing the new KubeVirt driver for Ansible Molecule
  16:30 Virtual Machine Batch API
  17:00 CPU Pinning with custom policies
  17:30 The Road to Version 1
  18:00 Moving a Visual Effects Studio to the cloud with Kubernetes and KubeVirt
  18:30 Office Hours: Q&A with KubeVirt maintainers


The KubeVirt Summit is sponsored by the CNCF