KubeVirt v0.36.0


Released on: Wed Dec 16 14:30:37 2020 +0000

  • [PR #4667][kubevirt-bot] Update libvirt base container to be based of packages in rhel-av 8.3
  • [PR #4634][kubevirt-bot] Failure detection and handling for VM with EFI Insecure Boot in KubeVirt environments where EFI Insecure Boot is not supported by design.
  • [PR #4647][kubevirt-bot] Re-introduce the CAP_NET_ADMIN, to allow migration of VMs already having it.
  • [PR #4627][kubevirt-bot] Fix guest agent reporting.
  • [PR #4458][awels] It is now possible to hotplug DataVolume and PVC volumes into a running Virtual Machine.
  • [PR #4025][brybacki] Adds a special handling for DataVolumes in WaitForFirstConsumer state to support CDI’s delayed binding mode.
  • [PR #4217][mfranczy] Set only an IP address for interfaces reported by qemu-guest-agent. Previously that was CIDR.
  • [PR #4195][davidvossel] AccessCredentials API for dynamic user/password and ssh public key injection
  • [PR #4335][oshoval] VMI status displays SRIOV interfaces with their network name only when they have originally
  • [PR #4408][andreabolognani] This version of KubeVirt includes upgraded virtualization technology based on libvirt 6.6.0 and QEMU 5.1.0.
  • [PR #4514][ArthurSens] domain label removed from metric kubevirt_vmi_memory_unused_bytes
  • [PR #4542][danielBelenky] Fix double migration on node evacuation
  • [PR #4506][maiqueb] Remove CAP_NET_ADMIN from the virt-launcher pod.
  • [PR #4501][AlonaKaplan] CAP_NET_RAW removed from virt-launcher.
  • [PR #4488][salanki] Disable Virtio-FS metadata cache to prevent OOM conditions on the host.
  • [PR #3937][vladikr] Generalize host devices assignment. Provides an interface between kubevirt and external device plugins. Provides a mechanism for whitelisting host devices.
  • [PR #4443][rmohr] All kubevirt webhooks support now dry-runs.