KubeVirt v0.35.0


Released on: Mon Nov 9 13:08:27 2020 +0000

  • [PR #4409][vladikr] Increase the static memory overhead by 10Mi
  • [PR #4272][maiqueb] Add ip-family to the virtctl expose command.
  • [PR #4398][rmohr] VMIs reflect deleted stuck virt-launcher pods with the “PodTerminating” Reason in the ready condition. The VMIRS detects this reason and immediately creates replacement VMIs.
  • [PR #4393][salanki] Disable legacy service links in virt-launcher Pods to speed up Pod instantiation and decrease Kubelet load in namespaces with many services.
  • [PR #2935][maiqueb] Add the macvtap BindMechanism.
  • [PR #4132][mstarostik] fixes a bug that prevented unique device name allocation when configuring both scsi and sata drives
  • [PR #3257][xpivarc] Added support of kubectl explain for Kubevirt resources.
  • [PR #4288][ezrasilvera] Adding DownwardAPI volumes type
  • [PR #4233][maya-r] Update base image used for pods to Fedora 31.
  • [PR #4192][xpivarc] We now run gosec in Kubevirt
  • [PR #4328][stu-gott] Version 2.x QEMU guest agents are supported.
  • [PR #4289][AlonaKaplan] Masquerade binding - set the virt-launcher pod interface MTU on the bridge.
  • [PR #4300][maiqueb] Update the NetworkInterfaceMultiqueue openAPI documentation to better specify its semantics within KubeVirt.
  • [PR #4277][awels] PVCs populated by DVs are now allowed as volumes.
  • [PR #4265][dhiller] Fix virtctl help text when running as a plugin
  • [PR #4273][dhiller] Only run Travis build for PRs against release branches