KubeVirt v0.33.0


Released on: Tue Sep 15 14:46:00 2020 +0000

  • [PR #3226][vatsalparekh] Added tests to verify custom pciAddress slots and function
  • [PR #4048][davidvossel] Improved reliability for failed migration retries
  • [PR #3585][mhenriks] “virtctl image-upload pvc …” will create the PVC if it does not exist
  • [PR #3945][xpivarc] KubeVirt is now being built with Go1.13.14
  • [PR #3845][ArthurSens] action required: The domain label from VMI metrics is being removed and may break dashboards that use the domain label to identify VMIs. Use name and namespace labels instead
  • [PR #4011][dhiller] ppc64le arch has been disabled for the moment, see https://github.com/kubevirt/kubevirt/issues/4037
  • [PR #3875][stu-gott] Resources created by KubeVirt are now labelled more clearly in terms of relationship and role.
  • [PR #3791][ashleyschuett] make node as kubevirt.io/schedulable=false on virt-handler restart
  • [PR #3998][vladikr] the local provider is usable again.
  • [PR #3290][maiqueb] Have virt-handler (KubeVirt agent) create the tap devices on behalf of the virt-launchers.
  • [PR #3957][AlonaKaplan] virt-launcher support Ipv6 on dual stack cluster.
  • [PR #3952][davidvossel] Fixes rare situation where vmi may not properly terminate if failure occurs before domain starts.
  • [PR #3973][xpivarc] Fixes VMs with clock.timezone set.
  • [PR #3923][danielBelenky] Add support to configure QEMU I/O mode for VMIs
  • [PR #3889][rmohr] The status fields for our CRDs are now protected on normal PATCH and PUT operations.The /status subresource is now used where possible for status updates.
  • [PR #3568][xpivarc] Guest swap metrics available