KubeVirt v0.32.0


Released on: Tue Aug 11 19:21:56 2020 +0000

  • [PR #3921][vladikr] use correct memory units in libvirt xml
  • [PR #3893][davidvossel] Adds recurring period that resyncs virt-launcher domains with virt-handler
  • [PR #3880][sgarbour] Better error message when input parameters are not the expected number of parameters for each argument. Help menu will popup in case the number of parameters is incorrect.
  • [PR #3785][xpivarc] Vcpu wait metrics available
  • [PR #3642][vatsalparekh] Add a way to update VMI Status with latest Pod IP for Masquerade bindings
  • [PR #3636][ArthurSens] Adds kubernetes metadata.labels as VMI metrics’ label
  • [PR #3825][awels] Virtctl now prints error messages from the response body on upload errors.
  • [PR #3830][davidvossel] Fixes re-establishing domain notify client connections when domain notify server restarts due to an error event.
  • [PR #3778][danielBelenky] Do not emit a SyncFailed event if we fail to sync a VMI in a final state
  • [PR #3803][andreabolognani] Not sure what to write here (see above)
  • [PR #2694][rmohr] Use native go libraries for selinux to not rely on python-selinux tools like semanage, which are not always present.
  • [PR #3692][victortoso] QEMU logs can now be fetched from outside the pod
  • [PR #3738][enp0s3] Restrict creation of VMI if it has labels that are used internally by Kubevirt components.
  • [PR #3725][danielBelenky] The tests binary is now part of the release and can be consumed from the GitHub release page.
  • [PR #3684][rmohr] Log if critical devices, like kvm, which virt-handler wants to expose are not present on the node.
  • [PR #3166][petrkotas] Introduce new virtctl commands:
  • [PR #3708][andreabolognani] Make qemu work on GCE by pulling in a fix for https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1822682