KubeVirt v0.31.0


Released on: Thu Jul 9 16:08:18 2020 +0300

  • [PR 3690][davidvossel] Update go-grpc dependency to v1.30.0 in order to improve stability
  • [PR 3628][AlonaKaplan] Avoid virt-handler crash in case of virt-launcher network configuration error
  • [PR 3635][jean-edouard] The “HostDisk” feature gate has to be enabled to use hostDisks
  • [PR 3641][vatsalparekh] Reverts kubevirt/kubevirt#3488 because CI seems to have merged it without all tests passing
  • [PR 3488][vatsalparekh] Add a way to update VMI Status with latest Pod IP for Masquerade bindings
  • [PR 3406][tomob] If a PVC was created by a DataVolume, it cannot be used as a Volume Source for a VM. The owning DataVolume has to be used instead.
  • [PR 3566][kraxel] added: tigervnc support for linux & windows
  • [PR 3529][jean-edouard] Enabling EFI will also enable Secure Boot, which requires SMM to be enabled.
  • [PR 3455][ashleyschuett] Add KubevirtConfiguration, MigrationConfiguration, DeveloperConfiguration and NetworkConfiguration to API-types
  • [PR 3520][rmohr] Fix hot-looping on the VMI sync-condition if errors happen during the Scheduled phase of a VMI
  • [PR 3220][mhenriks] API and controller/webhook for VirtualMachineSnapshots