KubeVirt v0.28.0


Released on: Thu Apr 9 23:01:29 2020 +0200

  • CI: Try to discover flaky tests before merge
  • Fix the use of priorityClasses
  • Fix guest memory overhead calculation
  • Fix SR-IOV device overhead requirements
  • Fix loading of tun module during virt-handler initialization
  • Fixes for several test cases
  • Fixes to support running with container_t
  • Support for renaming a vM
  • Support ioEmulator thread pinning
  • Support a couple of alerts for virt-handler
  • Support for filesystem listing using the guest agent
  • Support for retrieving data from the guest agent
  • Support for device role tagging
  • Support for assigning devices to the PCI root bus
  • Support for guest overhead override
  • Rewrite container-disk in C to in order to reduce it’s memory footprint