KubeVirt v0.20.0


Released on: Fri Aug 9 16:42:41 2019 +0200

  • Containerdisks are now secure and they are not copied anymore on every start.
  • Create specific SecurityContextConstraints on OKD instead of using the
  • Added clone authorization check for DataVolumes with PVC source
  • The sidecar feature is feature-gated now
  • Use container image shasums instead of tags for KubeVirt deployments
  • Protect control plane components against voluntary evictions with a
  • Replaced hardcoded virtctl by using the basename of the call, this enables
  • Added RNG device to all Fedora VMs in tests and examples (newer kernels might
  • The virtual memory is now set to match the memory limit, if memory limit is
  • Support nftable for CoreOS
  • Added a block-volume flag to the virtctl image-upload command
  • Improved virtctl console/vnc data flow
  • Removed DataVolumes feature gate in favor of auto-detecting CDI support
  • Removed SR-IOV feature gate, it is enabled by default now
  • VMI-related metrics have been renamed from kubevirt_vm_ to kubevirt_vmi_
  • Added metric to report the VMI count
  • Improved integration with HCO by adding a CSV generator tool and modified
  • CI Improvements: