KubeVirt v0.19.0


Released on: Fri Jul 5 12:52:16 2019 +0200

  • Fixes when run on kind
  • Fixes for sub-resource RBAC
  • Limit pod network interface bindings
  • Many additional bug fixes in many areas
  • Additional testcases for updates, disk types, live migration with NFS
  • Additional testcases for memory over-commit, block storage, cpu manager,
  • Improvements around HyperV
  • Improved error handling for runStartegies
  • Improved update procedure
  • Improved network metrics reporting (packets and errors)
  • Improved guest overhead calculation
  • Improved SR-IOV testsuite
  • Support for live migration auto-converge
  • Support for config-drive disks
  • Support for setting a pullPolicy con containerDisks
  • Support for unprivileged VMs when using SR-IOV
  • Introduction of a project security policy