KubeVirt v0.15.0


Released on: Tue Mar 5 10:35:08 2019 +0100

  • CI: Several fixes
  • Fix configurable number of KVM devices
  • Narrow virt-handler permissions
  • Use bazel for development builds
  • Support for live migration with shared and non-shared disks
  • Support for live migration progress tracking
  • Support for EFI boot
  • Support for libvirt 5.0
  • Support for extra DHCP options
  • Support for a hook to manipualte cloud-init metadata
  • Support setting a VM serial number
  • Support for exposing infra and VM metrics
  • Support for a tablet input device
  • Support for extra CPU flags
  • Support for ignition metadata
  • Support to set a default CPU model
  • Update to go 1.11.5