KubeVirt v0.8.0


Released on: Thu Sep 6 14:25:22 2018 +0200

  • Support for DataVolume
  • Support for a subprotocol for webbrowser terminals
  • Support for virtio-rng
  • Support disconnected VMs
  • Support for setting host model
  • Support for host CPU passthrough
  • Support setting a vNICs mac and PCI address
  • Support for memory over-commit
  • Support booting from network devices
  • Use less devices by default, aka disable unused ones
  • Improved VMI shutdown status
  • More logging to improve debugability
  • A lot of small fixes, including typos and documentation fixes
  • Race detection in tests
  • Hook improvements
  • Update to use Fedora 28 (includes updates of dependencies like libvirt and
  • Move CI to support Kubernetes 1.11