KubeVirt v0.7.0


Released on: Wed Jul 4 17:41:33 2018 +0200

  • CI: Move test storage to hostPath
  • CI: Add support for Kubernetes 1.10.4
  • CI: Improved network tests for multiple-interfaces
  • CI: Drop Origin 3.9 support
  • CI: Add test for testing templates on Origin
  • VM to VMI rename
  • VM affinity and anti-affinity
  • Add awareness for multiple networks
  • Add hugepage support
  • Add device-plugin based kvm
  • Add support for setting the network interface model
  • Add (basic and inital) Kubernetes compatible networking approach (SLIRP)
  • Add role aggregation for our roles
  • Add support for setting a disks serial number
  • Add support for specyfing the CPU model
  • Add support for setting an network intefraces MAC address
  • Relocate binaries for FHS conformance
  • Logging improvements
  • Template fixes
  • Fix OpenShift CRD validation
  • virtctl: Improve vnc logging improvements
  • virtctl: Add expose
  • virtctl: Use PATCH instead of PUT