Kube Virt v0.2.0

This release follows v0.1.0 and consists of 131 changes, contributed by 6 people, leading to 148 files changed, 9096 insertions(+), 5871 deletions(-).

The source code and selected binaries are available for download at: https://github.com/kubevirt/kubevirt/releases/tag/v0.2.0.

The primary release artifact of KubeVirt is the git tree. The release tag is signed and can be verified using [git-evtag][git-evtag].

Pre-built containers are published on Docker Hub and can be viewed at: https://hub.docker.com/u/kubevirt/.

Notable changes

  • VM launch and shutdown flow improvements

  • VirtualMachine API redesign

  • Removal of HAProxy

  • Redesign of VNC/Console access

  • Initial support for different vagrant providers


6 people contributed to this release:

65    Roman Mohr <rmohr@redhat.com>
60  David Vossel <dvossel@redhat.com>
 2  Fabian Deutsch <fabiand@redhat.com>
 2  Stu Gott <sgott@redhat.com>
 1  Marek Libra <mlibra@redhat.com>
 1  Martin Kletzander <mkletzan@redhat.com>

Test Results

Ran 40 of 42 Specs in 703.532 seconds SUCCESS! — 40 Passed 0 Failed  
  0 Pending 2 Skipped PASS

Additional Resources

[git-evtag]: https://github.com/cgwalters/git-evtag#using-git-evtag [contributing]: https://github.com/kubevirt/kubevirt/blob/main/CONTRIBUTING.md [license]: https://github.com/kubevirt/kubevirt/blob/main/LICENSE