KubeVirt at KubeCon EU 2022

KubeCon EU was in Valencia, Spain this year from May 16-20. For many of the 7000+ physical attendees, it was their first in-person conference in several years. With luck, it was the first of many more to come, as KubeCon is a rare opportunity to learn about, from, and with a rich variety of adopters, communities, and vendors that make up the open source and cloud native ecosystem.

The KubeVirt community presented two sessions, both on Wednesday May 18th:

  1. A Virtual Open Office Hours session, and
  2. A Maintainer Track session: ‘It’s All for the Users. More Durable, Secure, and Pluggable. KubeVirt v0.53’

Virtual Open Office Hours

This was a 45-minute project virtual session, hosted by the CNCF. This was on the Bevy platform (which will be familiar to KubeVirt Summit attendees from the past two years) and we had five lovely people from the KubeVirt community ready with a variety of demos and presentations and to answer questions from attendees:+ Alice Frosi, Itamar Holder, Miguel Duarte de Mora Barroso, Luboslav Pivarc, and Bartosz Rybacki

This was an opportunity for KubeCon attendees (virtual and physical) to ask questions and discuss any topics, and our presenters covered the following: Introduction to KubeVirt, live migration, Istio integration, and CDI hotplug/resize. Despite some initial technical issues and improvised changes, this session went really well. We had about ~25 consistent attendees, and we received a good range of Q&A and interaction with the attendees on all topics presented. It was a very solid 45 minutes. Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication, there is no recording of this session.

A huge thanks to the presenters for their time and collaboration in preparing for this.

Maintainer Track

Later that day, on the Maintainer Track, Alice also gave an in-depth breakdown of a whole slew of new KubeVirt features and showed a demo with the KubeVirt Cluster API: deploying Kubernetes on top of Kubernetes. You can watch the CNCF recording here, and download the demo video and slides that are available from the schedule.

There was a healthy amount of questions, both during Q&A and after the talk. The participants were particularly interested to know how to prepare and customize VM disks with KubeVirt, how to run Windows VM, especially combined with GPUs, and how to expose the Kubernetes API service of a deployed cluster to the KubeVirt cluster API provider outside of the KubeVirt VM. There were additional questions on the status of TPM support and VM migration when the hosting node goes down.

Thank you!

Big thanks again to our presenters: Alice Frosi, Itamar Holder, Miguel Duarte de Mora Barroso, Luboslav Pivarc, and Bartosz Rybacki. And everyone who attended the sessions, listened, and asked great questions.

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