Minikube KubeVirt addon

Deploying KubeVirt has just gotten easier

With the latest release (v1.12) of minikube we can now deploy KubeVirt with a one-liner.

Deploy minikube

  1. Start minikube. Since my host is Fedora 32 I will use --driver=kvm2 and I will also use --container-runtime=crio
    minikube start --driver=kvm2 --container-runtime=cri-o
    minikube start

  2. Check that kubectl client is working correctly
    kubectl cluster-info
    kubectl cluster-info

  3. Enable the minikube kubevirt addon
    minikube addons enable kubevirt
    minikube addons enable kubevirt

  4. Verify KubeVirt components have been deployed to the kubevirt namespace
    kubectl get ns; kubectl get all -n kubevirt
    Verify KubeVirt namespace and components


From here a user can proceed on to the Kubevirt Laboratory 1: Use KubeVirt

As you can see it is now much easier to deploy KubeVirt in a minikube Kubernetes environment.