Every VirtualMachineInstance represents a single virtual machine instance. In general, the management of VirtualMachineInstances is kept similar to how Pods are managed: Every VM that is defined in the cluster is expected to be running, just like Pods. Deleting a VirtualMachineInstance is equivalent to shutting it down, this is also equivalent to how Pods behave.

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Launching a virtual machine

In order to start a VirtualMachineInstance, you just need to create a VirtualMachineInstance object using kubectl:

$ kubectl create -f vmi.yaml

Listing virtual machines

VirtualMachineInstances can be listed by querying for VirtualMachineInstance objects:

$ kubectl get vmis

Retrieving a virtual machine definition

A single VirtualMachineInstance definition can be retrieved by getting the specific VirtualMachineInstance object:

$ kubectl get vmis testvmi

Stopping a virtual machine

To stop the VirtualMachineInstance, you just need to delete the corresponding VirtualMachineInstance object using kubectl.

$ kubectl delete -f vmi.yaml
# OR
$ kubectl delete vmis testvmi

Note: Stopping a VirtualMachineInstance implies that it will be deleted from the cluster. You will not be able to start this VirtualMachineInstance object again.