Released on: Fri Aug 9 16:42:41 2019 +0200

  • Containerdisks are now secure and they are not copied anymore on every start.

  • Create specific SecurityContextConstraints on OKD instead of using the

  • Added clone authorization check for DataVolumes with PVC source

  • The sidecar feature is feature-gated now

  • Use container image shasums instead of tags for KubeVirt deployments

  • Protect control plane components against voluntary evictions with a

  • Replaced hardcoded virtctl by using the basename of the call, this enables

  • Added RNG device to all Fedora VMs in tests and examples (newer kernels might

  • The virtual memory is now set to match the memory limit, if memory limit is

  • Support nftable for CoreOS

  • Added a block-volume flag to the virtctl image-upload command

  • Improved virtctl console/vnc data flow

  • Removed DataVolumes feature gate in favor of auto-detecting CDI support

  • Removed SR-IOV feature gate, it is enabled by default now

  • VMI-related metrics have been renamed from kubevirt_vm_ to kubevirt_vmi_

  • Added metric to report the VMI count

  • Improved integration with HCO by adding a CSV generator tool and modified

  • CI Improvements:


Released on: Fri Jul 5 12:52:16 2019 +0200

  • Fixes when run on kind

  • Fixes for sub-resource RBAC

  • Limit pod network interface bindings

  • Many additional bug fixes in many areas

  • Additional testcases for updates, disk types, live migration with NFS

  • Additional testcases for memory over-commit, block storage, cpu manager,

  • Improvements around HyperV

  • Improved error handling for runStartegies

  • Improved update procedure

  • Improved network metrics reporting (packets and errors)

  • Improved guest overhead calculation

  • Improved SR-IOV testsuite

  • Support for live migration auto-converge

  • Support for config-drive disks

  • Support for setting a pullPolicy con containerDisks

  • Support for unprivileged VMs when using SR-IOV

  • Introduction of a project security policy


Released on: Wed Jun 5 22:25:09 2019 +0200

  • Build: Use of go modules

  • CI: Support for Kubernetes 1.13

  • Countless testcase fixes and additions

  • Several smaller bug fixes

  • Improved upgrade documentation


Released on: Mon May 6 16:18:01 2019 +0200

  • Several testcase additions

  • Improved virt-controller node distribution

  • Improved support between version migrations

  • Support for a configurable MachineType default

  • Support for live-migration of a VM on node taints

  • Support for VM swap metrics

  • Support for versioned virt-launcher / virt-handler communication

  • Support for HyperV flags

  • Support for different VM run strategies (i.e manual and rerunOnFailure)

  • Several fixes for live-migration (TLS support, protected pods)


Released on: Fri Apr 5 23:18:22 2019 +0200

  • Bazel fixes

  • Initial work to support upgrades (not finalized)

  • Initial support for HyperV features

  • Support propagation of MAC addresses to multus

  • Support live migration cancellation

  • Support for table input devices

  • Support for generating OLM metadata

  • Support for triggering VM live migration on node taints


Released on: Tue Mar 5 10:35:08 2019 +0100

  • CI: Several fixes

  • Fix configurable number of KVM devices

  • Narrow virt-handler permissions

  • Use bazel for development builds

  • Support for live migration with shared and non-shared disks

  • Support for live migration progress tracking

  • Support for EFI boot

  • Support for libvirt 5.0

  • Support for extra DHCP options

  • Support for a hook to manipualte cloud-init metadata

  • Support setting a VM serial number

  • Support for exposing infra and VM metrics

  • Support for a tablet input device

  • Support for extra CPU flags

  • Support for ignition metadata

  • Support to set a default CPU model

  • Update to go 1.11.5


Released on: Mon Feb 4 22:04:14 2019 +0100

  • CI: Several stabilizing fixes

  • docs: Document the KubeVirt Razor

  • build: golang update

  • Update to Kubernetes 1.12

  • Update CDI

  • Support for Ready and Created Operator conditions

  • Support (basic) EFI

  • Support for generating cloud-init network-config


Released on: Tue Jan 15 08:26:25 2019 +0100

  • CI: Fix virt-api race

  • API: Remove volumeName from disks


Released on: Fri Jan 11 22:22:02 2019 +0100

  • Introduce a KubeVirt Operator for KubeVirt life-cycle management

  • Introduce dedicated kubevirt namespace

  • Support VMI ready conditions

  • Support vCPU threads and sockets

  • Support scale and HPA for VMIRS

  • Support to pass NTP related DHCP options

  • Support guest IP address reporting via qemu guest agent

  • Support for live migration with shared storage

  • Support scheduling of VMs based on CPU family

  • Support masquerade network interface binding


Released on: Thu Dec 6 10:15:51 2018 +0100

  • API: registryDisk got renamed to containreDisk

  • CI: User OKD 3.11

  • Fix: Tolerate if the PVC has less capacity than expected

  • Aligned to use ownerReferences

  • Update to libvirt-4.10.0

  • Support for VNC on MAC OSX

  • Support for network SR-IOV interfaces

  • Support for custom DHCP options

  • Support for VM restarts via a custom endpoint

  • Support for liveness and readiness probes


Released on: Thu Nov 8 15:21:34 2018 +0100

  • Support for vhost-net

  • Support for block multi-queue

  • Support for custom PCI addresses for virtio devices

  • Support for deploying KubeVirt to a custom namespace

  • Support for ServiceAccount token disks

  • Support for multus backed networks

  • Support for genie backed networks

  • Support for kuryr backed networks

  • Support for block PVs

  • Support for configurable disk device caches

  • Support for pinned IO threads

  • Support for virtio net multi-queue

  • Support for image upload (depending on CDI)

  • Support for custom entity lists with more VM details (cusomt columns)

  • Support for IP and MAC address reporting of all vNICs

  • Basic support for guest agent status reporting

  • More structured logging

  • Better libvirt error reporting

  • Stricter CR validation

  • Better ownership references

  • Several test improvements


Released on: Thu Oct 4 14:42:28 2018 +0200

  • CI: NetworkPolicy tests

  • CI: Support for an external provider (use a preconfigured cluster for tests)

  • Fix virtctl console issues with CRI-O

  • Support to initialize empty PVs

  • Support for basic CPU pinning

  • Support for setting IO Threads

  • Support for block volumes

  • Move preset logic to mutating webhook

  • Introduce basic metrics reporting using prometheus metrics

  • Many stabilizing fixes in many places


Released on: Thu Sep 6 14:25:22 2018 +0200

  • Support for DataVolume

  • Support for a subprotocol for webbrowser terminals

  • Support for virtio-rng

  • Support disconnected VMs

  • Support for setting host model

  • Support for host CPU passthrough

  • Support setting a vNICs mac and PCI address

  • Support for memory over-commit

  • Support booting from network devices

  • Use less devices by default, aka disable unused ones

  • Improved VMI shutdown status

  • More logging to improve debugability

  • A lot of small fixes, including typos and documentation fixes

  • Race detection in tests

  • Hook improvements

  • Update to use Fedora 28 (includes updates of dependencies like libvirt and

  • Move CI to support Kubernetes 1.11


Released on: Wed Jul 4 17:41:33 2018 +0200

  • CI: Move test storage to hostPath

  • CI: Add support for Kubernetes 1.10.4

  • CI: Improved network tests for multiple-interfaces

  • CI: Drop Origin 3.9 support

  • CI: Add test for testing templates on Origin

  • VM to VMI rename

  • VM affinity and anti-affinity

  • Add awareness for multiple networks

  • Add hugepage support

  • Add device-plugin based kvm

  • Add support for setting the network interface model

  • Add (basic and inital) Kubernetes compatible networking approach (SLIRP)

  • Add role aggregation for our roles

  • Add support for setting a disks serial number

  • Add support for specyfing the CPU model

  • Add support for setting an network intefraces MAC address

  • Relocate binaries for FHS conformance

  • Logging improvements

  • Template fixes

  • Fix OpenShift CRD validation

  • virtctl: Improve vnc logging improvements

  • virtctl: Add expose

  • virtctl: Use PATCH instead of PUT


Released on: Mon Jun 11 09:30:28 2018 +0200

  • A range of flakyness reducing test fixes

  • Vagrant setup got deprectated

  • Updated Docker and CentOS versions

  • Add Kubernetes 1.10.3 to test matrix

  • A couple of ginkgo concurrency fixes

  • A couple of spelling fixes

  • A range if infra updates

  • Use /dev/kvm if possible, otherwise fallback to emulation

  • Add default view/edit/admin RBAC Roles

  • Network MTU fixes

  • CDRom drives are now read-only

  • Secrets can now be correctly referenced on VMs

  • Add disk boot ordering

  • Add virtctl version

  • Add virtctl expose

  • Fix virtual machine memory calculations

  • Add basic virtual machine Network API


Released on: Fri May 4 18:25:32 2018 +0200

  • Better controller health signaling

  • Better virtctl error messages

  • Improvements to enable CRI-O support

  • Run CI on stable OpenShift

  • Add test coverage for multiple PVCs

  • Improved controller life-cycle guarantees

  • Add Webhook validation

  • Add tests coverage for node eviction

  • OfflineVirtualMachine status improvements

  • RegistryDisk API update


Released on: Fri Apr 6 16:40:31 2018 +0200

  • Fix several networking issues

  • Add and enable OpenShift support to CI

  • Add conditional Windows tests (if an image is present)

  • Add subresources for console access

  • virtctl config alignmnet with kubectl

  • Fix API reference generation

  • Stable UUIDs for OfflineVirtualMachines

  • Build virtctl for MacOS and Windows

  • Set default architecture to x86_64

  • Major improvement to the CI infrastructure (all containerized)

  • virtctl convenience functions for starting and stopping a VM


Released on: Thu Mar 8 10:21:57 2018 +0100

  • Kubernetes compatible networking

  • Kubernetes compatible PV based storage

  • VirtualMachinePresets support

  • OfflineVirtualMachine support

  • RBAC improvements

  • Switch to q35 machien type by default

  • A large number of test and CI fixes

  • Ephemeral disk support


Released on: Fri Jan 5 16:30:45 2018 +0100

  • VM launch and shutdown flow improvements

  • VirtualMachine API redesign

  • Removal of HAProxy

  • Redesign of VNC/Console access

  • Initial support for different vagrant providers


Released on: Fri Dec 8 20:43:06 2017 +0100

  • Many API improvements for a proper OpenAPI reference

  • Add watchdog support

  • Drastically improve the deployment on non-vagrant setups

  • Moved komponents to kube-system namespace

  • Improved and unified flag parsing