KubeVirt specific annotations and labels

KubeVirt builds on and exposes a number of labels and annotations that either are used for internal implementation needs or expose useful information to API users. This page documents the labels and annotations that may be useful for regular API consumers. This page intentionally does not list labels and annotations that are merely part of internal implementation.

Note: Annotations and labels that are not specific to KubeVirt are also documented here.


Example: kubevirt.io=virt-launcher

Used on: Pod

This label marks resources that belong to KubeVirt. An optional value may indicate which specific KubeVirt component a resource belongs to. This label may be used to list all resources that belong to KubeVirt, for example, to uninstall it from a cluster.


Example: kubevirt.io/schedulable=true

Used on: Node

This label declares whether a particular node is available for scheduling virtual machine instances on it.


Example: kubevirt.io/heartbeat=2018-07-03T20:07:25Z

Used on: Node

This annotation is regularly updated by virt-handler to help determine if a particular node is alive and hence should be available for new virtual machine instance scheduling.