KubeVirt.io Laboratory testing

KubeVirt.io Laboratory testing

This repository contains tests for KubeVirt.io laboratories regarding the try it! buttons. The environments tested are GCE, AWS and Minikube (you could replace ${PROVIDER} any of them).


  • Jenkins jobs:
    • Image Generation: https://jenkins-kubevirt.apps.ci.centos.org/job/dev/job/jodavis/job/kvio-lab-testing/


The entry point is the Jenkinsfile which executes this pipeline:

  • shell/provision-and-destroy.sh: This script will execute 2 ansible playbooks in a row, the first one will bootstrap an image prebuilt by this repo which raise up a KubeVirt environment on a ${PROVIDER} and then when the KubeVirt environments was up and running stops it and delete it. This test will ensure that the Images are working fine and could bootstrap a well formed KubeVirt environment. The ansible playbooks executed are these:

    • ${PROVIDER}-provision.yml
    • ${PROVIDER}-cleanup.yml
  • sh shell/lab.sh labX: lab.sh is a lab executor which accept a parameter with the labX.yml filename. This will wrap the lab results and the possible fails that could happen on the execution. This labx.sh:

    • Raises up an KubeVirt enironment with ${PROVIDER}-provision.yml.
    • Executes the LabX.yml ansible manifest.
    • Deletes the previous KubeVirt enironment with ${PROVIDER}-cleanup.yml.
  • labX.yml: Contains the test cases in a hardcoded way, that ansible executes in the KubeVirt environment.


The test results are stored on the Jenkins environment as:

  • ansible-${targetEnvironment}-${labName}-provision.log
  • ansible-${targetEnvironment}-${labName}.log
  • ansible-${targetEnvironment}-${labName}-cleanup.log

  • Build/Test log Sample
  • Builded artifacts, log separated by ${PROVIDER}.