Let’s start with the relationship between the two important components:

  • Kubernetes is a container orchestration system, and is used to run containers on a cluster
  • KubeVirt is an add-on which is installed on-top of Kubernetes, to be able to add basic virtualization functionality to Kubernetes.

Even though KubeVirt is an add-on to Kubernetes, both of them have things in common:

  • Mostly written in golang
  • Often related to distributed microservice architectures
  • Declarative and Reactive (Operator pattern) approach

This short page shall help to get started with the projects and topics surrounding them.

Contributing to KubeVirt

Our workflow

Contributing to KubeVirt should be as simple as possible. Have a question? Want to discuss something? Want to contribute something? Just open an Issue, a Pull Request, or send a mail to our Google Group.

If you spot a bug or want to change something pretty simple, just go ahead and open an Issue and/or a Pull Request, including your changes at kubevirt/kubevirt.

For bigger changes, please create a tracker Issue, describing what you want to do. Then either as the first commit in a Pull Request, or as an independent Pull Request, provide an informal design proposal of your intended changes. The location for such propoals is /docs in the KubeVirt core repository. Make sure that all your Pull Requests link back to the relevant Issues.

Getting started

To make yourself comfortable with the code, you might want to work on some Issues marked with one or more of the following labels beginner, help wanted or bug. Any help is highly appreciated.


Untested features do not exist. To ensure that what we code really works, relevant flows should be covered via unit tests and functional tests. So when thinking about a contribution, also think about testability. All tests can be run local without the need of CI. Have a look at the Testing section in the Developer Guide.

Getting your code reviewed/merged

Maintainers are here to help you enabling your use-case in a reasonable amount of time. The maintainers will try to review your code and give you productive feedback in a reasonable amount of time. However, if you are blocked on a review, or your Pull Request does not get the attention you think it deserves, reach out for us via Comments in your Issues, or ping us on IRC #kubevirt

Maintainers are:

  • @admiyo
  • @berrange
  • @davidvossel
  • @fabiand
  • @rmohr
  • @stu-gott
  • @vladikr

Projects & Communities



Additional Topics